Friday, November 6, 2009

Abbadon (my own conversion-steps)

Alright guys, first of all thanks for all the awesome compliment on my Abbadon! here is how I convert it :) basically I have spare bits to spare on doing this of course :)

stuff I used
  • Chaos terminator body.
  • Chaos terminator "trophy rack" X2.
  • Chaos Lord on terminator(CLT) head.
  • CLT Lighting claw.
  • CLT shoulder pads X2.
  • CLT Cloak.
  • CLT front cloth.
  • 2 CSM bolt pistol.
  • 2 CSM head (I only need the hairs - you know what I mean? for Abby's hair)
  • CSM aspiring champion's trophy rack.
  • SMarine's captain's hand with power sword.
  • Bloodletter hell blade.
  • green stuffs, cutting blade, drill... and stuffs
Well basically the conversion part is done heavily on Abbadon's Horus Talon and the Daemon sword he has. On the Talon, I just combine the bolt pistol together-cut of the handle and the bullets and glue the bullet bits beside both the bolt pistol to make it similar to the original Abby's model and glue it just on top of the lighting claw to create the Talon.

Next, on the daemon weapon, I need to sacrifice one of my bloodletter to do this! cut of his hellblade and swap with the power weapon from the SM commander's hand. Note: that you will have 2 parts of the blade and it will get tricky though on gluing it together.

for Abby's head, just cut out the hair that you can find on some of the bits on the CSM sprues... don't worry... you will have plenty :)
and finally the left hand, due to the SM commander's arm is small (Power amour) I need to stuff the arm with green stuff until the terminator shoulder is well fitted on the arm. I do hope all this helps guys haha, I should take the photos on the sprues before I convert him and get him painted!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Warmaster of Chaos

Yea, after a long time disappearing from the scene thanks to my all time slow connections at home! finally! I can update one of my newly converted Warmaster of Chaos! Abbadon... From using bits from Chaos Lord in Terminator amour, Chaos space marine, Chaos Daemons bloodletters even the bits from space marines and not to forget some greenstuffs! Next post I will post on how I convert using all the stuffs alright.... now at least this doesn't look like the original blister from GW... GW's Abbadon looks weird to me hahaha, hope you guys like it!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Raptor(Aspiring Champion of Alpha Legion)

Alright guys! time to post one of my painted raptor aspiring champion, planning to play a sorcerer slaanesh Lord with 5 raptors as bodyguard, doesn't do well in the last game, the raptors did blowup a Land Raider before sacrificing themselves to the terminators that came out from the Land Raider. It does slow down my opponent plans though, were else my Slaneesh Sorcerer lord does get killed before he manage to do any damage... hmmm.... need to play them well! Yeah, that's my recently finished model from the raptor squad! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Painting Raptor's Aspiring champion (face)

Alright guys, I just got my Raptors going for a week already and I'm progressing on the Aspiring champion. Following is some ways on how I get his face painted enjoy!1. I get the face/skin whatever it is painted with dwarf flesh, beware of applying too much paint on especially on FACE! I say it again FACE! yes, it happened to me when I applied too much paint on face... I tell you what, when it happens... forget of getting the details back :) so, a thin layer will do.

2. Wash with Badab black, second layer Dwaft flesh mix with elf flesh is aplied.
3. Yep, after that process, wash with Orgryn flesh... wait for it to dry and apply another layer of elf flesh(Thin) on the raise area on the face...

Hopes that helps. :) I will get you guys updated with the progress on my raptors ya....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chaos Raptor

Just got some raptors to join my Alpha Legion warband, as you guys will notice that I painted my raptors in black, you guys might wonder why I did that huh? It is actually after I have read the book "Legion" where one of the legion Primach Omegon leads the stealth troops which all their power amour is in black instead of the normal purple and blue... So, I would like my raptors resemble the stealth troops mentioned in the book... :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Will Be Back

Hi Guys, a simple update to inform that nothing bad has happen to me.... just some backlog from my work that needs to be settled by these few weeks! that's why I'm kinda slow in blogging.... "will be back"!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tank Shock!

Yesterday evening was a blast for us! We have a game 2 on 2 fielding a 1750pts each. We have a deathguard, Alpha Legion+Thousand sons, a Necron and a "lady" orks player! I will get the battle report post on later.. well it is this particular question that I need you guys to shed some lights here on :"Tank shock" Apparently I have my Land Raider trying to tank shock a unit of Necron warriors defending an objective on a building that have 2 floors, the issue is the warriors have half of its unit on the ground floor and another half of the unit is on 1st floor. Well, I understand even I've tank shock them successfully I won't be contesting the objective anyway... but my question is: If an unit defending a building gets a tank shock, will the whole unit move away to give way for the tank(even they are on different floor) or only some models are affected?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weaken Resolve with Divine Pronouncement on non-fearless units

I have a chat with a going to be guard player yesterday. While he listen to how Ahriman can turn a Ctan deceiver into a spawn, he told me that he will use a 9 men primaris pysker to counter the Ahriman or any psychic attack (something to reduce the sorcerer's leadership to 2) I really don't know anything about guard's rules... but need you guys to help me out here... does that particular psychic attack affects units embark in a transport?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Basilica Administratum (structure - completed, unpainted)

Already done with the structure of the Basilica, manage to do some basing on certain part of the building and still looking for ways to base the whole structure! can't wait to get it paint soon and put it on the table to play! yeah, we just have a few new player in our mist. A new tyranid and + 2 space marine player...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Basilica Administratum (my first GW imperial building modeling)

Just received my Basilica Administratum today! I got 2 boxes of it and hope to bolster my gaming table with more cool GW imperial building soon with the addition of the Shrine of Aquila as well, this will be my next purchase. Ok back to the administratum, I can say I'm amaze with the amount of details the kit have and initially I wanted to scratch build one with polystyrene board. But after getting these kit, guys, you just can't match the details! and tell you what, you can actually purchase few kit and combine it together to make a massive humungos building cause the kit is compatible with all the GW imperial sector building kit. I can say although I haven't seen the fantastic forge world terrain kit yet, the imperial sector building plastic kit is really test your creativity in terms on how you want your city to be :) well, I'm starting the Administratum! updating it soon!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Alpha Legion (Terminator - progress)

Yep! time to update one of the Alpha Legion Terminator that I've done today, Kinda busy nowadays so progress was quiet slow.... I do love the sprue that include the reaper autocannon on it. Love it and it looks really cool on the Termis, :) and yeah, the Land Raider still have about some detailing to do (if you guys still remember this) I will get it post soon! cheers and happy gaming weekend!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Alpha Legion (Land Raider - progress)

Yep, its time to update some of the stuff that I have painted on the Land Raider...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Alpha Legion (Land raider)

Thats my progress on the Land Raider!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Alpha Legion Terminator (sneak preview)

Just want to update the first out of 5 Alpha Legion Terminators that I have painted, not 100% done though, I just want to paint it as fast as I can before we have a game with the Deathwing later... Yep! Today is Friday and it is 1:30am now in Malaysia... will update you guys with more of the Termis as soon as I get them done. I do really love the way you can put your finished painted models on the table, "proud" hahahaha!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Coming soon

Just a glimpes of what is coming soon into my company. :)

Alpha Legion Land Raider (Phase 1)

It is time for the Land Raider to be painted. Will get it done and will do it step by step, hopefully I can frequently update on this :) While waiting to collect my 5 terminators tomorrow, I can't wait to get this Land Raider (called it "Goliath") done. so I can chuck in my lord and other 4 termis into it. I'm planning to take Goliath as the dedicated transport and play outflanking with my other "chosens" What do you think?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Alpha Legion Chaos Lord

Yup I know Its been awhile I'm M.I.A of not updating you guys on what am I up to! yeah its been a busy months for me on my work. Well, I manage to get my Alpha Legion Chaos Lord done by today, my whole Alpha Legion army is basically consist of the color scheme of Blue, boltgun metal, gold and green... looks cool. Here is what am I going to equip him into battle, Mark of Khorne, bloodfeeder, combi melta and with terminator armour. 160pts, tell me what you think!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chaos Vindicator (Phase 3)

Hi Guys! its time to blog bout my progress on painting the details of my Vindicator (Phase 3) If you guys are following on my phase 2, finally the detailing for the tank finished within a day, I really love the effects of drybrushing! it enhance the tank with more worn out effect, finally a coat of Devlan mud wash is applied on the lines of the tank. the other detailing jobs are done and you will manage to see the detailing works once you browse thru. There you go on how I paint my Vindicator, hope you guys like it and Post a comment if you like the project! Cheers!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vindicator (Phase 2)

As promised, my Vindicator now is ongoing on a phase 2 painting. I've been searching around for tutorial on how to properly paint a warhammer tank and looking at some nice painting job by Jeff from on his Salamander's tanks! cool! After getting the advice I needed and fired up on getting my Chaos Vindicator painted, I start on basing it black. Regal blue is what I used for the coating after the base, 2nd coat is applied after it dries up but only this time more careful on not to paint over the details like the smoke launcher.... I applied the badab black wash on the whole tank and concentrate on the recessed area to created the shading and the effects turns out impressive, the wash actually creates the worn out effect on the whole tank! finally, another coat of Regal blue is applied and edge highlights using Enchanted blue(still need to brush up more on my edge highlighting, my hand still shakes hahahaha) note: feel free to leave any comment on this! I need you guys to teach me more on painting! stay tune for phase 3 for detailing jobs on other parts of the tank. :)

Next painting Project (Konrad Von Carstein)

This will be my next project. Konrad Von Carstein, the vampire count from warhammer. Hoping to get it done for the painting competition soon. still have tons of techniques to learn but the fun of painting miniatures slowly growing everyday :) it is one of the thing that I wish to do when I was young... Finally! hahahaha. (will update you guys on the phase 2 on my painting on the Vindicator!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut

Herald of Khorne on juggernaut, I do really love the model of the bloodletters, compare to the older version models, they look more "Khorne" to me and the fun thing is, the herald can ram down a Land Raider.... with upgrading it to have the unholy might and rending.... In one occasion, I chopped of both dreadnought close combat weapon before tearing the venerable dreadnought.... and tomorrow he will be out again from the warp..... HArHARhahaha!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Invasion by the Tyranids

It was yesterday when we have a game at David's house testing out his new gaming board from GW. I must say the board really worth the purchase cause of the super details plus you can swap the board around anytime you want a different terrain to play. Yesterday I played with Ong(hope to get his blog link soon) and David. I'm using my Chaos Marines list while David and Ong is fielding their Sisters of battle and Tyranids respectively, we played a customized mission and objectives with 3 1000pts armies on the battlefield, objective is to kill each other HQ! assasination! Having deployed in the middle of the battlefield really not easy, facing 2 fronts! It looks so cool!, its like the typical alien movie that we watch on screen, "While te Imperium is purging the Chaos traitors.... suddenly the sky darken with spores raining from the skies..... from the hive fleet.... THE XENOS are here!"
Sisters disembarking trying to shoot down my Tzeentch warriors with all they got! faithfully......The ill fated sisters only manage to shoot down 2 of my marines, and being chopped down by my men.... Ahriman's secret mission is being distracted by the arrival of the Tyranids!
The final showdown between Ahriman and the Tyranids.... only to be defeated by the broodlord..... The Warmaster will have his revenge!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Phase 1 Introduction - Vindicator

Starting to paint my Vindicator, it is currently on phase 1(beginning haha), as some of you know that I owned a "Black Templar" Vindicator, so I take it as a looted tank by my new Chaos army!, so what I need to do is to base it black all over again, will paint it regal blue. I would love to paint it slowly for I'm currently looking for some useful videos in U'tube on painting tanks, a friend gave me an airbrush before he migrated to Australia.... hope I can make a good use of it soon, :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thousand Sons

It is time to upload some of my painted Thousand Sons models.... troublesome to assemble, they took me a long time to just assemble and paint them...but worth the trouble :) hope you guys like it hahaha, oh ya, feel free to drop me a message and my apology for not replying any of the comments.... I read them all, appreciated :) "Just can't wait to deploy them on the table again" next.... I'm going to start painting my Vindicators.... will be back!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Warmaster

My latest painted stuff to update, Ahriman of the Thosand sons.... I loved his fluff so much... kinda love the way he change his fellow battle brothers into dust and trapped forever inside their armour... COOL!!!!! doomned them forever...... played once on a 1400 list, with another squad of Thousand sons and 1 squad of Tzeentch Chaos marines with 5+ Invulnerable save, 2 Rhino, 2 Vindicators and a Daemon Prince with the Mark of Tzeentch. Since I'm a Daemon player, 5+ invulnerable saves doesn't seems to be a problem to me at all..... don't look down on 5+, it does wonders... the best moment with my new Warmaster is he killed a brother captain with the gift of chaos.... having 3 pyschic power really fun.... forcing the brother captain to take 2nd toughnest test and he rolled a 6+.......

Friday, April 10, 2009

Black Orcs

Hi guys!, it is time to update some of my newly painted black orcs, got it from my friend David. Metal model... cool stuff....finally, got my broadband at home and will update you guys more frequently!!!! (nowadays, I paint more than I play hahahaha)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Forge!

Hehe, simply my space for the "creations" of my army.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My style of painting.

This time to update on my sets of Thousand sons that I'm currently painting, will get everything done painted before they all to be deploy on the battlefield and kill some over boasted 3+ armour saves marines!!!! hahahahah! ok, its on the painting the head of the Thousand sons, the upper part dunno wats that called will update you guys later. Ok, I started basecoat the entire helmet chaos black. Afterthat, painting the helmet by using a layer of enchanted blue (no.1) leaving those lines and recess areas coz I want to create lines on the helmet, remember not to cover the eyes! leave it untouch! for you won't want to repaint it black again later and results in covering more and more details on the helmet, Wash the helmet with Badab black and wait for it to dry up... bout 10-15mins. the black lines and recess area that I spared earlier, with the help of the wash, starting to form(no.2). Afterthat, another layer of enchanted blue is painted on the helmet one more time for this time focusing on the most raised area of the helmet(no.3) to create the tone of the helmet. Thats my style at the moment, hope to get more advice as I get along the journey of painting miniatures :) hope it helps... feel free to leave any comment on how to paint space marine helmets more effectively ya!!! CHEERS! will update you guys more... not finish yet..... "For the Chaos God!"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dark Elf knight on cold one!

Hey! After being MIA for some time due to work, it is time to update some of my latest painted minis :) features the Dark Elve knight on cold one, loved the model! finally, I can have a chance to travel down and pay a visit to Legio Malaysia at Shah Alam with Alvin from Glued to my fingers and Dillon and I can say that this was a cool cool place to gather and let our hands bz shooting minis! hehehe, with meeting up with Jeff (owner) and saw some familiar gamers there.... I do seriously considering on joining them... :) but come back to this... painting the cold one was not easy, but thanks to the tutorial that I got from one of the issue from white dwaft... I manage to impress myself hahahahahahaha! coming soon with somemore minis waiting on the line for the photoshoot! stay tune!