Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vindicator (Phase 2)

As promised, my Vindicator now is ongoing on a phase 2 painting. I've been searching around for tutorial on how to properly paint a warhammer tank and looking at some nice painting job by Jeff from on his Salamander's tanks! cool! After getting the advice I needed and fired up on getting my Chaos Vindicator painted, I start on basing it black. Regal blue is what I used for the coating after the base, 2nd coat is applied after it dries up but only this time more careful on not to paint over the details like the smoke launcher.... I applied the badab black wash on the whole tank and concentrate on the recessed area to created the shading and the effects turns out impressive, the wash actually creates the worn out effect on the whole tank! finally, another coat of Regal blue is applied and edge highlights using Enchanted blue(still need to brush up more on my edge highlighting, my hand still shakes hahahaha) note: feel free to leave any comment on this! I need you guys to teach me more on painting! stay tune for phase 3 for detailing jobs on other parts of the tank. :)

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Alvin Khaw said...

I think your Vindicator is very nicely painted, to bad we didn't have time for a game today, maybe Saturday! (tomorrow)