Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dark Elf knight on cold one!

Hey! After being MIA for some time due to work, it is time to update some of my latest painted minis :) features the Dark Elve knight on cold one, loved the model! finally, I can have a chance to travel down and pay a visit to Legio Malaysia at Shah Alam http://legiomalaysia.blogspot.com/ with Alvin from Glued to my fingers http://gluedmyfingers.blogspot.com/ and Dillon and I can say that this was a cool cool place to gather and let our hands bz shooting minis! hehehe, with meeting up with Jeff (owner) and saw some familiar gamers there.... I do seriously considering on joining them... :) but come back to this... painting the cold one was not easy, but thanks to the tutorial that I got from one of the issue from white dwaft... I manage to impress myself hahahahahahaha! coming soon with somemore minis waiting on the line for the photoshoot! stay tune!


Alvin Khaw said...

You should just play Dark Elves!

Sidestreaker said...

That Cold One looks great! I'm so tempted to collect dark elves now, and even more. Great painting skills you got there!

Warpspace said...

Hi guys, I'm sorry for the late reply, just manage to update these at home. :) Thanks!