Monday, April 20, 2009

Invasion by the Tyranids

It was yesterday when we have a game at David's house testing out his new gaming board from GW. I must say the board really worth the purchase cause of the super details plus you can swap the board around anytime you want a different terrain to play. Yesterday I played with Ong(hope to get his blog link soon) and David. I'm using my Chaos Marines list while David and Ong is fielding their Sisters of battle and Tyranids respectively, we played a customized mission and objectives with 3 1000pts armies on the battlefield, objective is to kill each other HQ! assasination! Having deployed in the middle of the battlefield really not easy, facing 2 fronts! It looks so cool!, its like the typical alien movie that we watch on screen, "While te Imperium is purging the Chaos traitors.... suddenly the sky darken with spores raining from the skies..... from the hive fleet.... THE XENOS are here!"
Sisters disembarking trying to shoot down my Tzeentch warriors with all they got! faithfully......The ill fated sisters only manage to shoot down 2 of my marines, and being chopped down by my men.... Ahriman's secret mission is being distracted by the arrival of the Tyranids!
The final showdown between Ahriman and the Tyranids.... only to be defeated by the broodlord..... The Warmaster will have his revenge!

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