Monday, October 26, 2009

Warmaster of Chaos

Yea, after a long time disappearing from the scene thanks to my all time slow connections at home! finally! I can update one of my newly converted Warmaster of Chaos! Abbadon... From using bits from Chaos Lord in Terminator amour, Chaos space marine, Chaos Daemons bloodletters even the bits from space marines and not to forget some greenstuffs! Next post I will post on how I convert using all the stuffs alright.... now at least this doesn't look like the original blister from GW... GW's Abbadon looks weird to me hahaha, hope you guys like it!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Raptor(Aspiring Champion of Alpha Legion)

Alright guys! time to post one of my painted raptor aspiring champion, planning to play a sorcerer slaanesh Lord with 5 raptors as bodyguard, doesn't do well in the last game, the raptors did blowup a Land Raider before sacrificing themselves to the terminators that came out from the Land Raider. It does slow down my opponent plans though, were else my Slaneesh Sorcerer lord does get killed before he manage to do any damage... hmmm.... need to play them well! Yeah, that's my recently finished model from the raptor squad! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Painting Raptor's Aspiring champion (face)

Alright guys, I just got my Raptors going for a week already and I'm progressing on the Aspiring champion. Following is some ways on how I get his face painted enjoy!1. I get the face/skin whatever it is painted with dwarf flesh, beware of applying too much paint on especially on FACE! I say it again FACE! yes, it happened to me when I applied too much paint on face... I tell you what, when it happens... forget of getting the details back :) so, a thin layer will do.

2. Wash with Badab black, second layer Dwaft flesh mix with elf flesh is aplied.
3. Yep, after that process, wash with Orgryn flesh... wait for it to dry and apply another layer of elf flesh(Thin) on the raise area on the face...

Hopes that helps. :) I will get you guys updated with the progress on my raptors ya....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chaos Raptor

Just got some raptors to join my Alpha Legion warband, as you guys will notice that I painted my raptors in black, you guys might wonder why I did that huh? It is actually after I have read the book "Legion" where one of the legion Primach Omegon leads the stealth troops which all their power amour is in black instead of the normal purple and blue... So, I would like my raptors resemble the stealth troops mentioned in the book... :)