Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chaos Vindicator (Phase 3)

Hi Guys! its time to blog bout my progress on painting the details of my Vindicator (Phase 3) If you guys are following on my phase 2, finally the detailing for the tank finished within a day, I really love the effects of drybrushing! it enhance the tank with more worn out effect, finally a coat of Devlan mud wash is applied on the lines of the tank. the other detailing jobs are done and you will manage to see the detailing works once you browse thru. There you go on how I paint my Vindicator, hope you guys like it and Post a comment if you like the project! Cheers!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vindicator (Phase 2)

As promised, my Vindicator now is ongoing on a phase 2 painting. I've been searching around for tutorial on how to properly paint a warhammer tank and looking at some nice painting job by Jeff from http://legiomalaysia.blogspot.com/ on his Salamander's tanks! cool! After getting the advice I needed and fired up on getting my Chaos Vindicator painted, I start on basing it black. Regal blue is what I used for the coating after the base, 2nd coat is applied after it dries up but only this time more careful on not to paint over the details like the smoke launcher.... I applied the badab black wash on the whole tank and concentrate on the recessed area to created the shading and the effects turns out impressive, the wash actually creates the worn out effect on the whole tank! finally, another coat of Regal blue is applied and edge highlights using Enchanted blue(still need to brush up more on my edge highlighting, my hand still shakes hahahaha) note: feel free to leave any comment on this! I need you guys to teach me more on painting! stay tune for phase 3 for detailing jobs on other parts of the tank. :)

Next painting Project (Konrad Von Carstein)

This will be my next project. Konrad Von Carstein, the vampire count from warhammer. Hoping to get it done for the painting competition soon. still have tons of techniques to learn but the fun of painting miniatures slowly growing everyday :) it is one of the thing that I wish to do when I was young... Finally! hahahaha. (will update you guys on the phase 2 on my painting on the Vindicator!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut

Herald of Khorne on juggernaut, I do really love the model of the bloodletters, compare to the older version models, they look more "Khorne" to me and the fun thing is, the herald can ram down a Land Raider.... with upgrading it to have the unholy might and rending.... In one occasion, I chopped of both dreadnought close combat weapon before tearing the venerable dreadnought.... and tomorrow he will be out again from the warp..... HArHARhahaha!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Invasion by the Tyranids

It was yesterday when we have a game at David's house testing out his new gaming board from GW. I must say the board really worth the purchase cause of the super details plus you can swap the board around anytime you want a different terrain to play. Yesterday I played with Ong(hope to get his blog link soon) and David. I'm using my Chaos Marines list while David and Ong is fielding their Sisters of battle and Tyranids respectively, we played a customized mission and objectives with 3 1000pts armies on the battlefield, objective is to kill each other HQ! assasination! Having deployed in the middle of the battlefield really not easy, facing 2 fronts! It looks so cool!, its like the typical alien movie that we watch on screen, "While te Imperium is purging the Chaos traitors.... suddenly the sky darken with spores raining from the skies..... from the hive fleet.... THE XENOS are here!"
Sisters disembarking trying to shoot down my Tzeentch warriors with all they got! faithfully......The ill fated sisters only manage to shoot down 2 of my marines, and being chopped down by my men.... Ahriman's secret mission is being distracted by the arrival of the Tyranids!
The final showdown between Ahriman and the Tyranids.... only to be defeated by the broodlord..... The Warmaster will have his revenge!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Phase 1 Introduction - Vindicator

Starting to paint my Vindicator, it is currently on phase 1(beginning haha), as some of you know that I owned a "Black Templar" Vindicator, so I take it as a looted tank by my new Chaos army!, so what I need to do is to base it black all over again, will paint it regal blue. I would love to paint it slowly for I'm currently looking for some useful videos in U'tube on painting tanks, a friend gave me an airbrush before he migrated to Australia.... hope I can make a good use of it soon, :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thousand Sons

It is time to upload some of my painted Thousand Sons models.... troublesome to assemble, they took me a long time to just assemble and paint them...but worth the trouble :) hope you guys like it hahaha, oh ya, feel free to drop me a message and my apology for not replying any of the comments.... I read them all, appreciated :) "Just can't wait to deploy them on the table again" next.... I'm going to start painting my Vindicators.... will be back!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Warmaster

My latest painted stuff to update, Ahriman of the Thosand sons.... I loved his fluff so much... kinda love the way he change his fellow battle brothers into dust and trapped forever inside their armour... COOL!!!!! doomned them forever...... played once on a 1400 list, with another squad of Thousand sons and 1 squad of Tzeentch Chaos marines with 5+ Invulnerable save, 2 Rhino, 2 Vindicators and a Daemon Prince with the Mark of Tzeentch. Since I'm a Daemon player, 5+ invulnerable saves doesn't seems to be a problem to me at all..... don't look down on 5+, it does wonders... the best moment with my new Warmaster is he killed a brother captain with the gift of chaos.... having 3 pyschic power really fun.... forcing the brother captain to take 2nd toughnest test and he rolled a 6+.......

Friday, April 10, 2009

Black Orcs

Hi guys!, it is time to update some of my newly painted black orcs, got it from my friend David. Metal model... cool stuff....finally, got my broadband at home and will update you guys more frequently!!!! (nowadays, I paint more than I play hahahaha)