Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Raptor(Aspiring Champion of Alpha Legion)

Alright guys! time to post one of my painted raptor aspiring champion, planning to play a sorcerer slaanesh Lord with 5 raptors as bodyguard, doesn't do well in the last game, the raptors did blowup a Land Raider before sacrificing themselves to the terminators that came out from the Land Raider. It does slow down my opponent plans though, were else my Slaneesh Sorcerer lord does get killed before he manage to do any damage... hmmm.... need to play them well! Yeah, that's my recently finished model from the raptor squad! :)


John Lambshead said...

Vicious looking so-in-so,

CylonDave said...

I like the raptor! I got a squad of them in my Alpha Legion force too. They are a lot of fun.

Warpspace said...

True Cylondave - I bought them coz they look cool!