Friday, November 6, 2009

Abbadon (my own conversion-steps)

Alright guys, first of all thanks for all the awesome compliment on my Abbadon! here is how I convert it :) basically I have spare bits to spare on doing this of course :)

stuff I used
  • Chaos terminator body.
  • Chaos terminator "trophy rack" X2.
  • Chaos Lord on terminator(CLT) head.
  • CLT Lighting claw.
  • CLT shoulder pads X2.
  • CLT Cloak.
  • CLT front cloth.
  • 2 CSM bolt pistol.
  • 2 CSM head (I only need the hairs - you know what I mean? for Abby's hair)
  • CSM aspiring champion's trophy rack.
  • SMarine's captain's hand with power sword.
  • Bloodletter hell blade.
  • green stuffs, cutting blade, drill... and stuffs
Well basically the conversion part is done heavily on Abbadon's Horus Talon and the Daemon sword he has. On the Talon, I just combine the bolt pistol together-cut of the handle and the bullets and glue the bullet bits beside both the bolt pistol to make it similar to the original Abby's model and glue it just on top of the lighting claw to create the Talon.

Next, on the daemon weapon, I need to sacrifice one of my bloodletter to do this! cut of his hellblade and swap with the power weapon from the SM commander's hand. Note: that you will have 2 parts of the blade and it will get tricky though on gluing it together.

for Abby's head, just cut out the hair that you can find on some of the bits on the CSM sprues... don't worry... you will have plenty :)
and finally the left hand, due to the SM commander's arm is small (Power amour) I need to stuff the arm with green stuff until the terminator shoulder is well fitted on the arm. I do hope all this helps guys haha, I should take the photos on the sprues before I convert him and get him painted!


Mr.Esty said...

Awesome conversion!

Looks great, and I always love your photos (do you have a flickr account?).

Warpspace said...

I do not have... if you wanna check out my works.. go to cheers!

deathkorps said...

Looks cool dude- I like the conversion!

Warpspace said...

Thanks deathkorps!

Lord AK said...

Oh my.. that was awesome!!