Thursday, February 26, 2009

My style of painting.

This time to update on my sets of Thousand sons that I'm currently painting, will get everything done painted before they all to be deploy on the battlefield and kill some over boasted 3+ armour saves marines!!!! hahahahah! ok, its on the painting the head of the Thousand sons, the upper part dunno wats that called will update you guys later. Ok, I started basecoat the entire helmet chaos black. Afterthat, painting the helmet by using a layer of enchanted blue (no.1) leaving those lines and recess areas coz I want to create lines on the helmet, remember not to cover the eyes! leave it untouch! for you won't want to repaint it black again later and results in covering more and more details on the helmet, Wash the helmet with Badab black and wait for it to dry up... bout 10-15mins. the black lines and recess area that I spared earlier, with the help of the wash, starting to form(no.2). Afterthat, another layer of enchanted blue is painted on the helmet one more time for this time focusing on the most raised area of the helmet(no.3) to create the tone of the helmet. Thats my style at the moment, hope to get more advice as I get along the journey of painting miniatures :) hope it helps... feel free to leave any comment on how to paint space marine helmets more effectively ya!!! CHEERS! will update you guys more... not finish yet..... "For the Chaos God!"

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