Sunday, July 26, 2009

Basilica Administratum (structure - completed, unpainted)

Already done with the structure of the Basilica, manage to do some basing on certain part of the building and still looking for ways to base the whole structure! can't wait to get it paint soon and put it on the table to play! yeah, we just have a few new player in our mist. A new tyranid and + 2 space marine player...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Basilica Administratum (my first GW imperial building modeling)

Just received my Basilica Administratum today! I got 2 boxes of it and hope to bolster my gaming table with more cool GW imperial building soon with the addition of the Shrine of Aquila as well, this will be my next purchase. Ok back to the administratum, I can say I'm amaze with the amount of details the kit have and initially I wanted to scratch build one with polystyrene board. But after getting these kit, guys, you just can't match the details! and tell you what, you can actually purchase few kit and combine it together to make a massive humungos building cause the kit is compatible with all the GW imperial sector building kit. I can say although I haven't seen the fantastic forge world terrain kit yet, the imperial sector building plastic kit is really test your creativity in terms on how you want your city to be :) well, I'm starting the Administratum! updating it soon!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Alpha Legion (Terminator - progress)

Yep! time to update one of the Alpha Legion Terminator that I've done today, Kinda busy nowadays so progress was quiet slow.... I do love the sprue that include the reaper autocannon on it. Love it and it looks really cool on the Termis, :) and yeah, the Land Raider still have about some detailing to do (if you guys still remember this) I will get it post soon! cheers and happy gaming weekend!