Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Will Be Back

Hi Guys, a simple update to inform that nothing bad has happen to me.... just some backlog from my work that needs to be settled by these few weeks! that's why I'm kinda slow in blogging.... "will be back"!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tank Shock!

Yesterday evening was a blast for us! We have a game 2 on 2 fielding a 1750pts each. We have a deathguard, Alpha Legion+Thousand sons, a Necron and a "lady" orks player! I will get the battle report post on later.. well it is this particular question that I need you guys to shed some lights here on :"Tank shock" Apparently I have my Land Raider trying to tank shock a unit of Necron warriors defending an objective on a building that have 2 floors, the issue is the warriors have half of its unit on the ground floor and another half of the unit is on 1st floor. Well, I understand even I've tank shock them successfully I won't be contesting the objective anyway... but my question is: If an unit defending a building gets a tank shock, will the whole unit move away to give way for the tank(even they are on different floor) or only some models are affected?