Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Space Hulk Terminators (Commision)

Hi guys! I"M back! just to let you guys know that I'm not dissapearing from the warhammer world.. just that my life being stuck with many many things (wonderful ones :) ) just got back from collecting the this from a client that want my help to get his space hulk terminators painted.. yes... my first ever commisioned work! I'm excited yeah! and love the sprues.. so much details on them.. being thinking on how to start working on them, I will make it a project to update you guys one by one on how I get these guys done ya. Don't worry, for you guys are wondering what happened to my Orks.. they are still here.. I still have 1 more Nob to paint and will get them on the photo shoot soon and show ya'll! Cheers! signing off!

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