Friday, May 14, 2010

Painting the Space Hulk (Terminator)

Alright guys, this time I'm going to blog on how I paint the Space Hulk's terminators. It took me awhile on thinking how this project to be started. Been asking myself the question on how I am going to basecoat these terminators... I actually basecoat them black using a local available flat black spray - local - only cost me around 2bucks to get the whole terminator sprue black coated. The problem with this spray is we tend to over spray the model until the details gone! so I decide to spray sparingly just to cover most of the sprue black... and basecoat with GW's chaos black paint. :) I tell you... effective and cheap! haha. After basecoating, it is time to get the amour done. After much research, I decide to follow what done by GW, basecoat with blood red, few coat is necessary cause the red doesn't blend well if only 1 coat. Afterthat, wash it with baal red. Example. Will blog more as I progress... :) cheers!

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