Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Skulltaker (2nd project)

While my 40 bloodletters still on painting, the Skulltaker will be my next project, whole metal (except the base :) )got to admit that it is not easy to model metal minis, the supa glue really just won't stick on until it gets really really, I mean really really dries up! wonder if there is any fast drying supa glue around, did I mention bout my "Flamers"? the flamers really gets in my nerve! their hands just won't stick!.... it took a whole half day to glued the Skulltaker's hand on. This is really a cool model! with one hand holding the feared Hellblade (power weapon rending on a 4+) and the other hand holding his prey's skull... the first bloodletter Khorne created! more to come as i'm getting it paint later ya!

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The Changling said...

Im also a hobbiest who has wondered how to get superglue to dry faster. You may want to look into getting some stuff called Zipkicker. It will accelerate the drying process, making it a good idea for use with pinning. By itself the stuff may weaken the bond a bit, making the connection between peices more brittle, but there will be no fuss for you at all.